Hello there, my name is Gus, and I am taking over Admiring Cate Blanchett from now on. I am a very recent Cate fan, so please forgive me if I mislead any information or fact about her. I truly admire her work, and I found out that I really want to take on and help spread the information about her.

Since the gallery had the last update in April, I will try my best to update all the missing album on the gallery, and will also add the post here on the website, so you’ll be noted of every single update I made.

Also, since the website had a few time off, I believe some of the partners decided to remove it from its affiliates list. So, I decided to remove them and will add new ones as the time goes by. You can get in touch with us if you want to apply for our new affiliates section. If you want to reach us, please go trought the same link and just fill out the form.

I will try my best to keep the website updated from now on, and I hope you like this new era of the website.

See you later!

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