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Years ago, Cate Blanchett said, someone told her, ″You have an actor’s face.″

″I think it was a compliment,″ the Australian actress, now 49, said with a laugh. “It’s that thing of not having any particular look, which is particularly helpful in my line of work. I’m not massively plain or massively beautiful. I have a foot in both camps.″

How people look on the inside, the two-time Oscar winner said, matters most to her when choosing roles.

″What’s interesting to me, when I approach a new character, is the flaws, the fears and that very human sense of incompleteness,″ she said. ″That’s the most beautiful thing of all for an actor.

″I even find myself in other people’s lives.″

That might include her character in Eli Roth’s ″The House With the Clock in Its Walls,″ which opened Friday in theaters.

Based on the novel by John Bellairs and produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, the film centers on Lewis Barnavelt (Owen Vaccaro), a young orphan who — along with his warlock Uncle Jonathan (Jack Black) and Jonathan’s next-door neighbor, the good witch Mrs. Zimmerman (Blanchett) — must find a clock that has the power to turn time backward.

″The clock wants to turn time back to before humans existed, and we have to stop it,″ Blanchett said during an interview in New York. ″It has that Spielberg magic that all of us try to catch.″

With horror master Roth shepherding the film, moviegoers can count on some chills.

For Blanchett, the role was atypical.

″When you’re making a film with so many thrills, the moment tells you what needs to become relevant,″ she said. ″The more you keep your imagination alive and fluid, the more relevant the thing can be and the more electric your relationship to it becomes.″

Blanchett also starred in Gary Ross’s summer hit ″Ocean’s Eight,″ playing the partner and best friend of master thief Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock). The film — which also starred Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson and Rihanna — has grossed almost $140 million domestically and more than $294 million worldwide.

″Isn’t it interesting,″ she said, ″that, two or three years ago, a major summer movie starring all of these women might have sounded like an impossibility? After it was released, you do hear people saying, ’Oh, of course there is an audience.‴

Blanchett, the middle of three children, grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Ivanhoe. Her mother was a teacher and real-estate developer; her father, a Texan by birth, was an advertising executive who died when she was 10.

A creative type who pushed limits, Blanchett shaved her head as a teenager and dressed in Goth and punk clothing, which didn’t help her fit in at her girls’ school. She didn’t feel really comfortable until she found the performing-arts department at Methodist Ladies’ College.

From there, she studied economics and fine arts at the University of Melbourne but dropped out after a year to travel overseas. She eventually returned to Australia, graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1992.

By the next year, she was acting opposite Geoffrey Rush in David Mamet’s ″Oleanna″ with the Sydney Theatre Company.

″When I emerged from drama school,″ Blanchett said, ″I had no expectations that I’d ever work in film. Zero. When I got my first theater job, I thought, ’This is it — and it’s wonderful.‴

Never say never.

Blanchett made her film debut in Bruce Beresford’s ″Paradise Road″ (1997), co-starring with Glenn Close and Frances McDormand, then landed Gillian Armstrong’s ″Oscar and Lucinda″ (1997), playing Lucinda to Ralph Fiennes’ Oscar.

That film caught Hollywood’s eye, and Blanchett went on to play Queen Elizabeth I, earning her first Oscar nomination, in ″Elizabeth″ (1998) — the first of six nominations she has received, including wins as supporting actress for her performance as Katharine Hepburn in ″The Aviator″ (2005) and actress for her work as a fallen Manhattan socialite in ″Blue Jasmine″ (2014).

Six nominations notwithstanding, she confessed to some ambivalence about the whole idea of awards for artists.

″It’s about advancing the medium,″ she said, ″which makes it hard to compare actors and directors and on down the line.″

Next up for Blanchett is Richard Linklater’s ″Where’d You Go, Bernadette,″ a drama in which she’ll play the title character, an anxiety-ridden mother who disappears, leaving her 15-year-old daughter (Emma Nelson) to uncover her mother’s troubling past and track her down.

She will also join Christian Bale and Benedict Cumberbatch in ″Mowgli,″ a live-action version of the Rudyard Kipling story, with actor Andy Serkis directing.

Blanchett speaks honestly about her feelings regarding the movie industry and recent movements to spotlight abuse in Hollywood and to focus on female empowerment.

″It’s a human issue,″ she said. ″The media must keep the conversation going forward. We don’t want to be back here in 20 years.″

When she isn’t working, Blanchett can be found at her home in Sydney or in the English countryside with her husband, playwright/director Andrew Upton, with whom she shared a five-year stint as artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company and has a production company, Dirty Films.

They have four children: Dashiell, 16; Roman, 14; Ignatius, 10; and Edith, 3.

Motherhood was a game changer, Blanchett said, but not in the way she’d expected.

″I thought I wouldn’t be as passionate about work after children entered my life,″ she explained. ″The truth is, you become a more economical actress. You don’t read a book into the wee hours or chat with a director until dawn.

″But my ability to play has become a lot looser, because you’re playing with children all day long, which is wonderful,″ she said. ″They’re the best little troupe.″ [Source]

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