Multi-award-winning actress, theatre director and UN goodwill ambassador, Cate Blanchett is the ultimate modern role model.

She also plays beauty muse for Giorgio Armani as the first global beauty ambassador of the house, a role which sees her currently communicating the story of Sì fiori, a new eau de parfum launching this month.

Synonymous with the Sì fragrance since its inception in 2013, Blanchett, 49, says she prefers not to be seen as its ‘face’.

“Being the so-called ‘face’ of this fragrance – I think I’d prefer to say ‘the spirit’ of this fragrance – so being this Sì ‘spirit’ is all about creating an atmosphere in which I can inhabit a myriad of different states.” She adds, “Being a Sì woman isn’t a static thing – it’s full of flow: joy, apprehension, excitement, desire, risk and frivolity. And love, bien sûr!”

Blanchett’s relationship with fragrance is deep-rooted and cherished. “The home of my childhood was always fragrant – a house full of women! Lavender, freesia, firewood, the smell of the sea, of whatever was cooking. I remember my grandmother always smelling of violets and my mother of citrus,” she recalls. “Fragrance, like music, always lifts my spirits.”

It’s the “deep developing notes” that she’s drawn to in a perfume, she explains. “I love a scent that promises to contain experience yet to be had.”

This notion is played out in the new Sì film directed by Fleur Fortuné, where Blanchett is captured in a couture dress at the supermarket, running against the flow, and diving out of a plane. All express a sense of freedom, individuality and daring that Armani Beauty hopes one feels when spritzing the new scent.

Blanchett describes the women she portrays (“a woman I myself aspire to be”) as someone who is “adventurous, full of emotion, open to the world and experience and comfortable in her own skin”.

Naturally, Blanchett’s distinguished beauty and natural elegance closely align with the aesthetic of the brand, that of unfussy femininity that conveys class.

“I have long been inspired by Mr. Armani’s aesthetic,” she says, describing it as “a harmonious and natural synthesis of traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine lines.”

“He celebrates women in their glorious complexity and encourages an effortless chic,” she articulates of the designer.

While their relationship is longstanding, Blanchett’s next role is anyone’s guess. “The character for me is always the last point of entry. It’s always about the quality of the conversation and the people I will be working alongside. I love surprises. The roles, I haven’t willed into being, if that makes sense. The role I would least expect to play.” [Source]

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