I have added some new movie stills of Cate Blanchett from Thor: Ragnarök and Ocean’s Eight.      Gallery Links: — Thor: Ragnarök (2017) > Movie Stills — Thor: Ragnarök (2017) > Posters — Ocean’s Eight (2018) > Movie Stills

Cate Blanchett doesn’t really feel like she needs to explain her character Hela in Thor: Ragnarok — she’s the Goddess of Death. Quips the actress, “I think that’s where you put the period in the sentence, right? She arrives with a lot of baggage. She’s a little bit cross.” Hela is more than “a little […]

I have added the first photos of Cate Blanchett as Hela to the gallery. Can’t wait to get more stuff, trailers and everything from the movie. Gallery Link: — Thor: Ragnarök (2017) > Movie Stills

Cate Blanchett recently talked about “Thor: Ragnarok” in an interview and also expressed her excitement to be a part of the film. The actress also discussed what she plans to do in terms of preparation for her undisclosed role. Cate Blanchett expressed her thrill to be in a Marvel film during an interview with South […]

Back in December, it was reported that Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett was in talks with Marvel Studios to star in the upcoming action-fantasy movie “Thor: Ragnarok,” playing one of the lead female roles. Now, director Taika Waititi has finally confirmed that Cate is indeed joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a recent interview with Wired, […]